Zino Button class Button


The library solves some of the common issue when working with push buttons, like edge detection and bouncing problem.

The class Button provides very easy way to handle physical actions like button pressed event.


Print Button has been pressed 🤠 to the serial when the button pressed.

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Button.h>
#include <Pin.h>

Button button;

void buttonPressed()
    Serial.println("Button has been pressed 🤠");

void setup()

    // The 1st parameter: the pin connected with the button
    // The 2nd parameter: the debouncing period [35-40 ms is recommended]
    // The 3rd parameter: true or false [default logic is high?]
    // The 4th parameter: true or false [with internal Pull Up?]
    button.init(Pin(PortB, 5), 40, false, false);
    button.pressed = buttonPressed; // set the handler

void loop()
    button.refresh(); // important