Zino Pin class Pin


The library introduces this new concept of shaping the pin as an object which has a port address and pin number.

The Pin class used in many different other classes to handle the process of assigning the pin either Output, Input or InputWithPullUp resister.

{primary} The reason for using Pin class instead of the pin number as Arduino library uses is first for educational purpose where the students can get a clue of the register concept and also to make the code very clean and organised. However, the library also supports the pin number method if you still like it 👍


#include <Pin.h>

portName: PortB, pinNumber: 0 
Same as digital pin 8
Pin redLedPin(PortB, 0);

portName: PortD, pinNumber: 1 
Same as digital pin 1
Pin greenLedPin(PortD, 1);

portName: PortC, pinNumber: 4 
Same as analog pin A4
Pin temperatureSensorPin(PortC, 4);